The Blackwood Basin Group is run by an experienced and enthusiastic team, along with support from a dedicated Board. We represent a broad range of communities across the catchment and can offer valuable skills and experience.

Trudy Phillips – BBG Executive Officer

Trudy is the BBG’s efficient and effective EO. She ensures that all organisational finance, governance and policy matters are handled to the highest standard. Trudy is responsible for all managing project budgets.  Email Trudy

Katie Hill – Program Manager

Katie is responsible for paving the way forward for the BBG by developing dynamic new projects in alignment with community and organisational priorities as well as overseeing the smooth delivery of on-ground projects. She has previously worked in the oil and gas industry, environmental consulting and the water sector.  Having recently moved to a property on the banks of the Blackwood River, Katie is keen to learn more about the history of the area, its people and the local environment. Email Katie.

Brian Chambers – Program Officer

Brian is responsible for the re-establishment Perup:Nature’s Guesthouse. His knowledge base and skill set around our endemic wildlife are invaluable tools in such a nature rich area as the Perup Nature Reserve.  Email Brian.


Kristen Mappin – Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer

Kristen assists with the delivery of the four-year Priority Bittern and Waterbird Biodiversity Enhancement Project, and activities associated with revegetation, monitoring and groundworks. With her background in Natural Resource Management and Botany, Kristen is a valuable resource to our team. Email Kristen.

Margaret Jakobson – Water Bird Project Officer

Having been involved in the four-year Priority Bittern and Waterbird Biodiversity Enhancement Project  as a volunteer with the Macroinvertebrates Group, and with training in GIS and entomology, Margaret is responsible for project activities including education, community engagement and  macro-invertebrate sampling. Email Margaret.

Karrie Williamson – Project Officer

With a diverse background in horticulture and environmental science, Karrie has recently joined the BBG team to assist with delivery of the SWCC On-Ground project in West Arthur and the series of Governance workshops for non-profit groups. Karrie is generally in the office from Tuesday through to Thursday. Email Karrie

Helen O’Connell – Administration Officer

Helen provides an Administration support role including finance support, workshop facilitation and managing our resources and equipment. Helen’s exceptional organisational skills ensures she’ll know where the best resource is for your query! Email Helen.

Kirsten Skraha – Project Support

Kirsten provides a support role for project and contract work with the BBG including facilitation, Human Resource Management and project delivery. Email Kirsten


Sara Weir is currently on maternity leave. Please contact the office on 9765 1555 if you have any project queries.