Our Blackwood Strategy aims to provide a framework and expertise to assist with improving ecological, social and economic values through facilitating long term natural resource management in the Blackwood Basin.

The Blackwood Basin Group is a major component of the South West Region (about half of the total area). There is strong regional identification of the basin area of the Blackwood River by the local community. As the peak environmental body for the Blackwood Basin, the Blackwood Basin Group has a role in enhancing the concept of the Basin as a region and encouraging social cohesion through the commonality that sharing the watershed brings. The Blackwood Basin Group provides community leadership and a forum for progress, along with a community representative forum for testing and developing ideas.

The Blackwood Basin Group aims to provide a forum for all stakeholders in the Basin to identify, quantify and resolve sustainable land management issues in the Basin. This is achieved by communication, monitoring and education.

The Blackwood Basin Group has recently updated our long and short-term environmental, social and economic targets through extensive community consultation. These are outlined in the Blackwood Basin Strategy 2017.

Download “Blackwood Basin Strategy 2017”- BBG Strategy 2017

Download “A Resilient Blackwood Basin in a Changing Climate – Concept Plan” – Resilient Blackwood Concept Plan