Three hours from Perth, two hours from Albany and a world away from city life.

At the centre of the Blackwood River catchment is the head office that represents Australia’s most picture perfect region. The Blackwood Basin Group brings together broad scale agriculture, along with the best practice in managing the balance of industry and nature.

Within our annual program, the BBG run a series of key initiatives which will deliver a huge benefit back to companies who partner with us.

These initiatives are based on proven marketing methods of engagement which the BBG have perfected over the last 25 years. Engaging with one of Australia’s longest established farming communities can be a challenging prospect for any organisation. The BBG walks our partners through this process to ensure ongoing success.

We can engage you with the key demographic split of our entire region. Are you looking for broad scale farmers? Specialist producers? Key environmental organisations? Small landholders? Project-based initiatives? Or simply families that are looking for your product?

We can engage you within these in the following ways:

  • face-to-face engagement
  • live event series
  • traditional media
  • social media
  • electronic media
  • direct market research

A successful engagement strategy is always based upon a trusted brand reputation. The BBG has exclusive annual partnerships and flagship projects to offer your company.

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