Resized_landcare kidWith almost 80% of the Blackwood Catchment being privately owned, one of the most valuable actions you can do is protect the environment on your patch, however big or small that may be.

For landholders, we have our Landcare works EOI Form  that you can fill out with your wish list of activities to protect the environment on your property, such as fencing, revegetation, and weed and feral control. From this, the BBG team will actively apply for grants or subsidies to help you achieve these actions. Gaining a grant can take up to 18 months however, so please be patient!

Contact us to discuss your landcare ideas or for a copy of our Landcare Works Plan which is the first step to funding!

Click to download our Landcare Works EOI Form:

If there are activities you want to complete now, we can assist by providing guidance and resources such as:

  • Seedling lists for troublesome spots (waterlogging, saline-affected land)
  • Steps to Successful Revegetation guide
  • Fox and cat traps for hire from office
  • Safe handling and use of 1080 bait accreditation courses
  • Click here for our events calendar
  • Plant and weed identification, and best practice control methods

> Contact the team at the BBG for all your needs and queries