As a community-managed Landcare organisation, the Blackwood Basin Group relies on vibrant and energetic volunteers in many areas of our organisation.

The Priority Bittern and Waterbird Biodiversity Enhancement Project, based in Greenbushes, has many opportunities for you to get involved, either through a regular group such as the Macro-invertebrate group, or as an annual activity, such as attending one of our planting days.
Check out our Waterbird Project page or get in touch with the BBG team to see how you can get involved. There is lots going on, so if you sign up for our e-news, you will get to hear all about our activities and how you can be a part of it!

musical planting vounteers

We also work with many school groups through education sessions, hands-on activities and organising school visits and excursions. Whether bug collecting, scientific monitoring, using a microscope, planting seedlings, or making frog and bird sounds, our project officers are experienced in hosting and managing school groups, so get in touch with the BBG team to see how we can help your kids have a memorable in-nature learning experience.

> Get in touch with us to find out more about our program.