The BBG is delivering a project to create a wetland haven at Schwenkes Dam, Greenbushes, to attract critically endangered waterbirds to inhabit the site.
The 4-year Priority Bittern and Waterbird Biodiversity Enhancement Project was one of only four successful proposals in WA under the Federal Government’s Biodiversity Fund Program. The project is being run in partnership with Talison Lithium Pty Ltd and support from of the Department of Parks and Wildlife, with input from a number of agencies, Local Government and community groups.

BBG saw a unique opportunity to design and create a waterbird haven by re-designing the historical Schwenkes mining pit. Interconnected beaches, mud flats and habitat areas will be created and then planted with appropriate endemic species of rushes, sedges & melaleucas to create suitable habitat and nesting sites for a range of bird species.

This project focuses on increasing populations of the endangered bittern species and Black Cockatoo species. Protecting these species is of national significance due to evidence of their declining numbers from habitat destruction, urbanisation, wetland drainage and salinisation. Project activities to enhance the wetland and forest habitat, control weeds and feral animals, and erect nestboxes will improve the success of establishing new fauna populations, particularly the target nationally significant species.Community engagement is integral to the long-term success of this project and there are lots of great opportunities to get involved. Visit our Community Engagement page to find out more.

“This unique project forms part of a long term vision to establish a large-scale wetland system in the Greenbushes area” says BBG Chairman, Dr Per Christensen. “By providing such a vital freshwater refuge, we hope to not only attract and protect species of endangered, nationally significant birdlife, but also opportunities to further promote the area for passive recreation pursuits such as bird watching and hiking.”