The Red-Tailed Black cockatoo is an iconic large bird species of the Blackwood Catchment. With a melodic call, the species is synonymous with the forests that cover the south-west corner of WA. However, their range has now decreased by up to 45% due to loss of habitat.

A key component of the Priority Bittern & Waterbird Project is installing cockatoo nest boxes into the project site to encourage nesting and breeding of this iconic bird species.

By working with school groups to build the nestboxes, the project is not only engaging the local community  but ensuring that the next generation of landcarers have knowledge and practical experience in protecting and monitoring our local fauna.

Constructed by Yr 9 and 10 students from the Boyup Brook and Bridgetown Highschools, thirty nestboxes have been installed on the site and the students have returned to monitor whether the boxes have been inhabited. Boxes are installed into existing mature trees throughout the site by a professional arborist.

On-going monitoring will be completed with modern-day tools such ‘selfie sticks’ to reach the boxes and motion cameras used to capture live footage of any use.

Selfie stickDSC_0035