The Greenbushes Wetland Invertebrate Project aims to monitor and study the macro-invertebrate fauna of wetlands in the Greenbushes area so that the BBG can gain understanding of the food availability for waterbirds in the project area. The project is a wonderful example of community engagement and ‘citizen science’ in action under the guidance of an experienced entomologist. A trusty band of volunteers meet weekly to undertake activities such as;

  • Sample collecting
  • Preserving
  • Identifying
  • Cataloging
  • Data entry

The group follows strict protocols so that animal welfare and scientific methodology standards are met and that useful data is produced and analysed. So far hundreds of specimens have been collected and processed and we have found a number of specimens that indicate high water quality such as Mayfly (Ephemeroptera Baetidae). Community engagement is also a key component with a number of schools participating in project activities.

Check out our Greenbushes Wetland Invertebrate Poster below:

Wetland Invertebrate poster