Biodiversity Conservation & Monitoring at Trigwell Bridge
Project OfficerSara Dulex
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Australian Government's 25 Years of Landcare program

Funded by the Australian Government’s 25 Years of Landcare program, this project will protect, improve and monitor fauna species while raising community awareness about natural asset management.

Coordinated by the BBG Team, the project will focus on 22ha of high value native habitat and monitor fauna species present with a focus on nationally significant species and feral control. A biodiversity corridor will be created with to link to a nature reserve, and valuable remnant vegetation stands fenced off to prevent further degradation. 3.5 km of fencing and 10ha of revegetation, as well as feral animal control and fauna monitoring make up the on-ground components of the project.

Data and images from the project’s fauna monitoring will be shared through a web-based information hub.