Managing Salinity in Dinninup
Project OfficerFelicity Della Gola
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State NRM Community Action Grants

The BBG is continuing to build on the work being currently undertaken in the Dinninup Catchment to tackle the spread of salinity by providing further grants for on-ground actions through the State NRM Program in 2015.

During this project phase, a total of 12.4kms of fencing to protect 111ha will be completed to contribute to over 50km fencing completed in the sub-catchment and almost 300ha of priority recovery catchment area protected from degradation associated with agricultural land use management in the past 3 years.

Additionally, a workshop presented by Andrew Watson of Department of Agriculture and Food, will provide detailed information on the regulations and procedures involved with on-property surface drainage as part of the project.

This project continues on from 2013 when the BBG obtained funding from the State NRM Program and the Department of Environment and Conservation to run two complimentary projects to address salinity in the Dinninup Catchment. Working with 7 landholders, the project resulted in 22km of stock-exclusion fencing and 22,000 seedlings planted for rehabilitation of riparian areas.

The Dinninup Catchment is an area of prime agricultural land and a major tributary to the Blackwood River, both of which are currently at threat from salinity. This program aims to assist landholders to manage salinity and waterlogging on their properties by providing funding for fencing off affected areas from stock and revegetating with appropriate native species.

These projects have generated 3 more devolved grant projects in the area through landholder interest.

If you would like to discuss funding options for your property, please contact our BBG Project Officers on 9765 1555.