Qualeup Lakes
Project OfficerFelicity Willett
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State NRM Program and HotRocks Seed2Tree program

Through funding from the WA Government’s State NRM Program, and in partnership with the landholder and HotRock’s Seed2Tree program, the BBG helped to rehabilitate the larger and smaller Quaelup Lakes and surrounding low-lying areas in 2013-14.

The Qualeup Lakes system provides vital acquatic and wetland habitat for a large amount of biodiveristy. The two lakes are significant as remnant wetland vegetation that provides habitat for important birdlife including the endangered Australasian Bittern and Little Bittern bird species.

Around 12,000 seedlings were planted over the 18ha area with landholders David and Cara Forrester and the assistance of the HotRock Seed2Tree program. Launched in 2012, this education program run through a number of schools helps students to learn the need for conservation, the value of biodiversity and the environmental benefits of tree planting. In July 2013, an overnight excursion to Qualeup enabled the students to plant the seedlings and gain first-hand experience of the area.

“The BBG is proud to be working with such proactive landholders and a program that teaches and inspires future generations to value environmental stewardship.” said Program Coordinator Felicity Willett.

Postscript: In June 2014, 45 students from 3 Perth schools had an overnight excursion to the site to plant out a further 8,000 seedlings in conjunction with the Seed2Tree Program. All site works are now completed and the waterbirds are enjoying a wet season in their rejuvenated habitat.